Open Invitation (3 days only)

Open Invitation is now closed until next month

Dazzle is by invitation only because we look for only creative designers that enjoy create with passion any given theme.

Presenting a given theme gives the designer the opportunity to get inspired to develop or create an exclusive of their likes where you can create and mix textures or even original mesh items that you might want to create and present them at Dazzle Event as a representation of your brand and how far you can push yourself as a designer. While you follow and get inspired by a theme you can make some linden to the side in the month of the event.

It is by invitation only because not everyone can create but just find any texture and use it and that is it. We are looking for deeper creators. Just like artists do

Apply between these days to get discounts

If you get selected, Palomma Casanova will send you an IM inword.

Thanks and Good Luck