Designer Application

Thank you for inquiring about BUNDLES Seasonal and Main Holidays Event.

If this is your first time wanting to be part of this event, please read carefully of all the event requirements to understand if you can be a good candidate.  BUNDLES usually prefer inviting first. However, we always review future participants. If we love your creativity and talent then you will be contacted by Palomma Casanova. Of course we will contact you on time for you to be able to prepare yourself for the next event.

Please understand that we cannot reply to all applications.

A Fee is involved in all events. Fees varies depending on the type of event. (Seasonal or Holiday or mix)  Read more below. All Seasonal Events will require an exclusive. It can also be two exclusives.

Copy & paste the following application blanks, create a notecard in SL and drop it at BUNDLES Office. Find the pink mailbox. Thanks.

Palomma Casanova

Owner & Coordinator of BUNDLES

<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Store Name:
  • Designer Name:
  • Store Manager or second contact if any:
  • Mainstore Logo: (Attach here)
  • Mainstore physical landmark:
  • Mainstore Link address:
  • Marketplace Link:
  • Facebook, Flickr links:
  • For how long have you been designing?
  • List 3 or 4 other events on the grid that you have participated previously
  • What would you sell at the event? (Clothing, Shoes, tattoos, home items, hair, skin, shapes, mesh bodies, other)


Current Fee is: SPONSORS —> 1150L REGULAR —> 950L

Extra Info:

  • We accept only 14 sponsors. If this is the size you prefer, don’t delay in applying for these sponsor displays immediately.
  • Our event is an outside event with booths. Booths will change at every event to keep the event follow a theme
  • Every event is different and you will have also a different atmosphere.

Click the following links for more information

—>  Clink Link for REQUIREMENTS,FEES,RULES  *Imp to READ* before applying. <———–Be sure you understand ALL RULES & REQUIREMENTS

Visit BUNDLES AT:   Click to VISIT Event