Designer Requirement, Prices and Rules


Please READ before applying.


  • Must be an established designer with more than 6 months experienced
  • Must be owner of a complete well rezzed land group mainstore and not renting a small little area at some mall
  • Must have at least 25 items on display at your mainstore
  • Must be a true designer and not someone that copies simple designs and retexture them without creating your own unique style
  • Must have your unique logo
  • No CopyBots
  • Must be responsible and follow rules
  • Must have group space for land group
  • If you want two great stores for the event, you may apply. You probably get a 100L discount.


  • Be willing to commit to the event that you signed up.
  • Events can have different start dates but you will have 4 or 5 set up dates, sometimes even bonus days
  • Must join land group before the set up date (ask Palomma for invite or find it at the event office)


  • Turn in the event notecard application with all information needed at the office or to Palomma Casanova.
  • Turn in your exclusive/event photos on time (same week of set up, the least at the 1st week of the event) Late photos will not be advertised.
  • Must contact Palomma Casanova in Emergencies.
  • NO REFUNDS or carry the lost fee to another month, sorry
  • Empty displays will be removed at the 3rd or 4th day


  • If is a themed event you must follow it and decorate accordingly. Seasonal Events are decorated for that specific season.
  • This is an event to “introduce” an unique Seasonal’s exclusive. Do not overflow the display trying to rez everything possible to sell. Only 6-7 extra descent size vendors with other items
  • Watch the use of prims and your display limits. SPONSORS 60 prims & Regular 40 prims
  • Big bulky & ugly MULTIVENDORS with multiple clothing is/are not permitted in Seasonal Events
  • No crazy decorations, like altering the display provided. You can cover walls of display & hide only with nice decor. Respect neighbors.
  • Do not add excess scripts, poofs, rays. No talking scripts. Simple light is ok, ask if in doubt
  • No huge discount sales signs, not huge red signs or bright colors that makes the event tacky, not even special offer or sale big signs
  • (ask for more detail requirements)


  • MUST place a BUNDLES panel at your mainstore. Ask Palomma for one
  • Your photos are important to turn in. Please don’t forget! If I keep asking is because I care for your sales, but do not abuse my kindness.
  • Join “Love the Bundle of Dove” group and ask for notice permissions to advertise your item or exclusive (cannot use the group for other items not related to event.
  • Use the mesh wording “BUNDLES EXCLUSIVE” on your displays, pls.


  • This event is not free, therefore payment should be made before 2 weeks set up time.
  • If you reserve a display you must pay at least 1/2 immediately (no refund)
  • When reserving please pay at least 1/2 of the payment. You should pay the rest before the last week of the event set up starts to be able to set up
  • Again, no refund once you pay, even if you had to cancel. BUNDLES pays its advertising in advance therefore no refunds.
  • If you pay while Palomma *Dove* Casanova is offline, please include transaction on your application


  • This event is a friendly atmosphere event. Please, leave egos behind.
  • This is to support each other business. Nobody is better than anybody here.
  • Also, for additional 10 prims is 50L
  • Pay the correct DOVE at the Bundle of Dove office when choosing SPONSOR or REGULAR