*DAZZLE* looks for awsome Designers

If you are a designer that has what it takes and you can challenge or get inspired by  themes such as “Zebra Revolution” in March then get ready to apply to *DAZZLE*!
*DAZZLE* only accept challenging and super creative designers. One exclusive necessary theme related. Dazzle always look for designers with that special talent, either artistic texture mix creator  and / or original mesh creator and get inspired by the THEME GIVEN by Dazzle.
If this is something that you would love to get involved with, be sure to click “Designer application”  at the top menu and send to Palomma Casanova, asap to reserve your location.
If we are interested in your participation we will message you in the next 2 days followed the message.

Got a favorite designer request? Let Palomma Casanova know by sending her a notecard and we will gladly invite your favorite designer!

Get ready for the theme “ZEBRA REVOLUTION” in March/2018

Meanwhile…. just ENJOY FEB now…. with “Dark Vintage Romance & Passion”

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