Dazzle Location

Dazzle Event is located in the sim of SCOOPWING. Beautiful SL Mainland area with two linden protected land corners with water. And no lag here!!  And since January 2018, the event DAZZLE was built. Bringing your favorite designers for event exclusives sales.

SCOOPWING was purchased by Palomma Casanova in 2005 to build a public park name DOVE GODDESS ROMANCE PARK. The park where you can enjoy and chat with your friends and your special love. Cuddles seats, swings, boat and other things that you can enjoy.



Also, two rental towers are located with 12 floors. Rental only 95L with 20 prims. These towers are medieval. Lovely, relaxing and quiet sim and now with Dazzle which complement the area.

And Now with wonderful caves to explore!

Thanks for Visiting

Teleport Area For Rental Tower