OMG, I have lived this before… omg I feel like I have been here before, omg no no no…….. it is a scary HALLOWEEN DEJA BOOOOOOOOO!!

BUNDLES … with Dove is looking for Designers to participate on this DEJA BOOOOOOOOO!

The abandoned cemetery???

Exclusives are not mandatory. Limited SPONSOR displays…

Come on down to BUNDLES office and drop your application, click on the sign at the office!

Teleport by clicking HERE! OFFICE



This is part 2 of Summer Seasonal Event

Lets visit and enjoy our designers one more time. Many of them have decided to continue the event and some of them have ADDED Tropical Vibes to their displays!!!!

Welcome to this 2nd part:




Click here for: GALLERY

A few designers have joined us for Part 2nd ~ Visit their displays and the Gallery!

Event last until August 22nd!!!!

Teleport now to TROPICAL VIBES, click here: TELEPORT TO BUNDLES “with Dove”

Join our group: Love the Bundle of Dove

See you at the event!


Grand Opening “SUMMER VIBES”

Come on down to enjoy our Seasonal Event

Bundle of Dove just opened its doors with 34 amazing designers with lots of beautiful Summer attires. The theme is “Summer Vibes” because it is time for the beach and enjoy the beautiful nature even if is in Second Life!

The Event is from June 15th thru July 14th. It will be fun with great discounts!

Time to pack for the Summer, get ready to receive the hot vibes!

Teleport now to Scoopwing and enjoy the beach environment of Bundle of Dove Summer Time!

Here is a list of our wonderful designers…

~We hope you enjoy this Seasonal Event~