Blogger Application

We are looking for great BLOGGERS if you love to blog for events.

We are looking for experience bloggers to blog about items from our event participants. It is a Seasonal & Holiday Special Event. If you love to blog to events and love Seasonal & Holiday Events then BUNDLES can be the event for you.


  1. Must have at least 2-3 months experience blogging for the fashion world in SL.
  2. We prefer a blogger that has a fashion mind and attitude. This means a good fun fashion writer with great narrative ideas to make our designers shine and our customers excited in visiting the event. Definitely we are looking for a very enthusiastic blogger.
  3. A blogger takes tasteful pictures and search for the best locations. Therefore a good knowledge of your viewer lightning, shadows, good angles of your camera or Photoshop program is what we need. The program to retouch or Edit your pictures is not important as long as you know where to adapt a creative look with shadows and lights.
  4. Must include links in the body of your entire post for people to teleport or so. The purpose of blogging is to direct buyers where to find the item.
  5. Blogging should be your main focus.
  6. Once you know the designers that you will be assigned you should learn how this designer works.  If is the first time you blog about this designer then be eager and be creative in finding out what is this designer is all about. Maybe learn their style by visiting their store. Check their profile also. Their profiles will tell you more about their personality in Second Life. You must be willing to communicate with the designer and send them notes. You can ask questions such as what the item is all about and what they like.
  7. Blogging also is studying a piece of item and describe it well, using methods that satisfy you as a blogger but also satisfies the designer. It is not always doing what you like always even thou you want to enjoy what you blog also, which is perfectly fine.
  8. You must always follow  up your own blogging style, it would be a reason why I would accept your application however, we have to respect you are being selected to  represent BUNDLES  …with Dove
  9. You must have a few mesh bodies and a few mesh heads from different companies compatible with many of the outfits, legs, hands, ect. Also a variety of poses, preferable bento and good animations, hairs and shoes.
  10. Each month you will expect to blog 3-6 assigned designers. This depends on the number of designers that signed up at that particular event. You will be sure to always end by the half way of the event. Do not end your blogs by the end of the event. Your pictures will not be worth it publishing them that long.
  11. The knowledge of making notices in group is necessary. You will use the feature to maintain a communication with your readers when your blog is ready. Also, you will make notices to Signature Blogger group to let all the bloggers know that you blogged. BUNDLES has a fan base group. The group is:  Love the Bundle of Dove
  12. You must join our facebook and flickr (soon) to post there as well and add your links about what you blogged.

~Filling up an application does not mean you are automatically accepted.~

—However, a good way to be selected is when you show us how active you are as a blogger, the quality of you blogging and all the effort you showed when blogging. This will definitely will show how many followers you got. As soon as you send me the application I will click on your links and check your recent work. I will decide and send you an IM.


Please create a notecard in world. RENAME: BUNDLES Event Blogger  (Your Name) (date of application)      (EXACTLY like this please)

In the notecard follow these THREE sections.

~Create your own business notecard with the following:

~Write a short bio about your SL activities and things you like to do regarding fashion and blogging

~What are your social media links

~Attach this “Business notecard” to your BUNDLES notecard application


Answer the following questions for BUNDLES’ file

~Why would you like to be part of the Signature Dove team of bloggers

~How many sponsors do you have currently

~What is the best about blogging?

~Do you consider blogging a  job?

~What do you think about blogging a volunteer work?

~What are your tools? (include some photo locations/offices/lighting tools)

~Describe your avatar body. Which Mesh Bodies you have, which mesh heads you have.

~Attach the link of your best or favorite blog that you are very proud of and that you received compliments.

~What is the number of your click views on your page

~Can you work under pressure?

~Can you follow a schedule and how responsible are you?



Inside the notecard attach 1 pictures. “One” a snapshot anywhere in Second Life. ”

also attach One” profile photo of yourself. Preferable a solid & clean background with good lighting please

Then teleport to BUNDLES or FREE DOVE and pick an item, make a picture of it and short description of item exactly how you would do your blog.

Send this notecard with this info to Palomma Casanova along with a short message in IM that you sent a notecard.

Thank you for thinking and considering BUNDLES Sales Event for your blogging experience and FUN. Remember, if you have passion for what you do, the rest is very easy!