Three Events in One!

 Lets “BUNDLE UP FOR WINTER FUN” because BUNDLES EVENT is here to CELEBRATE the most Wonderful time of the year and the most beautiful Season!!! Visit BUNDLES to enjoy a gorgeous White Fantasy Christmas time. Celebrating three events in one because we are celebrating Christmas Holiday, Winter Season Holiday Spirit and saying Good Bye to 2020 receiving a better year in 2021.

Event Dates: December 9th thru January 8th

Teleport to BUNDLES <—- (Click for link to event)

Designers at Event are:


  • Khagor Christmas with Keanu Kharg and Selkie Flatley
  • Loordes of London with coleen Macarthur
  • Storax Tree with Kate McLaglen
  • .::LUNA::. with Lua Vendetta
  • MYBAGS with 13mila13 Blauvelt
  • Alli&Ali with Alice Klinger
  • GGVG with looseer
  • MadCatCreations with Madcatclaudia Restless
  • Le’La with Miamilu
  • Fatal Fashion with Stefhany Ruby
  • Emerald Designs with JieJie Emerald
  • BOA with Nadrkenzi
  • Moonstar with Vamilia Vella
  • AfterImage Designs with Trinity Aironaut
  • Enigma Apparel with Mirella Nansen
  • I n’ K Original with inannaalexia
  • Suna Design with Suna67 Galaxy
  • Refugee Design with Jessica Gabardini
  • ——————————————————————–
  • Purple Moon with Lua Vendetta
  • BQ with blondequeen
  • D!vine Style with Dollen McMillan & Dyannia
  • Beloved Jewelry with Kimbra McMillan
  • *Lurve* with Danielle Idigo
  • Dark & White with Khaly29
  • Tastic with SpunkyGrl
  • Witchcraft with Hella Hexem
  • SugarFish with RiverstoneMgr
  • Vips Creations with Bee Tizzy
  • Ma’De Style with Merilyn Redangel
  • Paper Sparrow with Bunniefrancis
  • Shelbyfied with Shelby Monitor
  • Nilsy with Nils Tomorrow
  • LOVE with Krystali Rabeni