Get ready for the SUMMER SEASON

BUNDLE OF DOVE is waiting for YOU!!

Summer seasonal event is around the corner

Our SEASONAL Event will challenge any designer with their
creative Exclusive for SUMMER.

Get soon into the “SUMMER VIBES”

Bring all bundle of smiles, bundles of fun because we are ready for this summer.
Hello Summer, yes, ready for those hot vibes!
Apply early, plan early and reserve your spot with Bundle of Dove Event.

This is what you need:

If you haven’t been part of our event, please apply to the event by clicking the button above for Designers to apply. Copy paste to a notecard and teleport to the office! Easy no? Palomma, will send you soon a message if accepted. Do not pay the fee yet until you hear from Palomma’s acceptance

Not new to the event? Just teleport to the sim (Scoopwing), click office landmark here: OFFICE

Go inside the office, click the sign that looks like the one posted here (this poster at the office also) and you will receive the application, read it and send back with the short info needed and you may pay your fee to either of the two doves at the event office.

Sponsors: 850L 60 prims
Regular display: 650L 40 prims

  • Designers would need an exclusive
  • June 15th Officially Event day
  • Set Up date starts June 10th ~ June 14th
  • Sign up at the Bundle of Dove Office at Scoopwing Sim (click here) Bundle of Dove Office
  • Lets spend Summer together at Bundle of Dove

Once you signed up save a group space because you will need it to rezz your items on the event land 😉 You will be invited.

Bundle of Dove is part of the DOVE WINGS SIGNATURE by Palomma Casanova *DOVE*