Coming soon September, “FIFTY SHADES OF AUTUMN”

August is now gone and we closed our doors for now until September 1st

We hope you return to visit.

September will also be Dazzle’s last theme month of the year, hopefully will return in March, 2020 as a quarterly event for seasons…

DAZZLE will be seasonal

For now, lets enjoy this wonderful theme celebrating the coming of one of the seasons most favorite… AUTUMN or FALL

How many shades of colors we see on this wonderful season? Lets start with Fifty!

Dance is a Fashion style…

What a sensation when you dance to any music. The flow of your dancing steps, the feeling of the music… Who doesn’t enjoy this feeling? Who doesn’t even enjoy listening to the sound of a music box? So many dances exist!

There is ballet, Argentine tango, Jazz, ballroom dance, hip hop dance, tap dancing, contempory dance, shag dance, bellydance, hustle dance, latin dance, salsa, bachata, merengue, country western, waltz, swing dance, Cha cha dance, rumba, manbo, charleston, jive, quickstep, zumba, pole, Irish dance, bolero, cajun, polka dance, samba, foxtrot, club dancing and more, so many dances out there and they all have a certain style especially with fashion. Then…..

Lets dance with style. Dancing beautifully step by step to the music of the AUGUST theme at Dazzle Event: FASHION IS A STYLE OF DANCE

Come visit!

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